Sake Oni

Sake Oni sell the best tableware collected from Japan and Asia. All of our ceramic and glass dinnerware and drinkware are crafted by experienced artisans.

  • What is a Sake Set

    A Sake Set generally includes Sake Carafe (decanter) called Tokkuri and Cups called Ochoko. There are hundreds of styles of Sake sets designed for serving different types of Sake.

  • How to serve Sake by Sake set

    First, you pour the Sake into the carafe from the bottle, then served it into Sake cups. A typical set includes a sake decanter and 2 or 4 Sake cups.

  • Classic Glass Sake Set

    How to select a Sake set

    The best material to start with is ceramic or glass. This is because those materials are great for both hot and cold Sake. Thus, those types of Sake set fit to any serving temperature and most of Sake types.